Everything you need to know

before your appointment


Brazilian wax

You may think you're all set when you have your appointment scheduled, but a Brazilian wax requires a bit more preparation. You have to let your hair grow for a while because it must have a certain length to be removed. It is waxing appointment when your hairs are at least 0.5 centimeters. However, don't wait too long, because more than 1.5 centimeters is too long.

For how long will my

Hair be gone after a Brazilian Wax

It varies per person how long your hair stays away after waxing, but in general, this would be two to four weeks. However: every time you get waxed, the hairs will stay away for longer and also be more softer when they eventually grow back.

Don't shave

Before your appointment!

You may be tempted to 'trim' the area between your legs before your appointment - because you think this will make the treatment easier or because you really don't like the hair between your legs, but don't! Cutting or shaving before an appointment makes the waxing treatment more difficult.